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A selection of clients had the following to say about Siobhan’s support:


“Can I thank you once again for all the help you’ve given me.  In two sessions, you’ve given me so many things –

  • advice on professional conduct;
  • personal and moral support;
  • tips on how to deal with personal legacy issues and
  • internal unhelpful assumptions or faulty wiring;
  • and a concept for how to achieve the goals I still really believe in with much reduced risk of damage to my health and wellbeing.
  • I’m very grateful, particularly for the fact that you care.
  • And I appreciate your personal openness and disclosures, which doubtless helped us to relate”

Director, Government Agency


“Siobhan is stimulating and perceptive; she acts like a high resolution mirror. What I saw reflected back to me motivated me to take responsibility and change.”

Leader, Senior Technologist, engineering firm


“I now know my strengths and am aware of where I can fall into traps, as others perceive me differently from how I perceive myself. The coaching has been particularly helpful in dealing with clients, I make better use of ‘playing to my strengths’.”

Partner, professional services firm


“Siobhan from Active Insight has a way of getting the best out of people and ‘clearing’ the way ahead. During our first meeting Siobhan used a friendly but probing questioning technique (softened by her Irish charm!) to draw out exactly what I was. After the first couple of hours I went away feeling that there was a clear light at the end of the tunnel.”

CEO, fast growth innovation-led firm


“I was very impressed by Siobhan. I have benefited from a coach before, but this session was much better. Siobhan had good insights and prompted with excellent questions at the right times. The resultant dialogue led to a good outcome.”

Director General, Government Department


“It was good to get direct, honest and personal feedback on the impression I give to people who meet me. Although I knew quite a lot of the points Siobhan mentioned, it was good to take this one step further and receive feedback on the extreme consequences of some of my actions. It will be beneficial in future positions, particularly her points about how I play politics, consequences, past actions, etc. A great session!”

Senior technologist promoted to Director, major Oil and Chemicals corporate


“I found it very useful. I am in the camp that says I don’t have any special skills – I just do my job. I gained a lot of personal learning. The benefit for me was a boost of my confidence as well as a more positive outlook. Because I am now ‘conscious’ of the different levers I can pull – I am now more confident in using them.”

Director, subsidiary of a global telecoms firm


“The coaching with Siobhan was my first opportunity to really consider and deal with my own psychological make up, to begin to understand or at least make sense of why I feel how I feel under certain circumstances. This work then progressed to consider how, as a Chief Executive, I should deal with those feelings in particular situations.

Without question the biggest benefit for me has been my personal ability to deal with my emotions when taking decisions. Like many of the worlds best leaders I have a tendency to self doubt my own abilities in certain situations. It was not until I encountered Siobhan’s style of coaching that I worked to understand why. With practice I can now recognise these situations and manage my emotions to enjoy the challenge rather that avoid certain situations because of a dread of confronting the issue.

In short, I am much better prepared emotionally to lead. It started a lifelong learning experience for me, the higher you go the lonelier it gets. Learning to deal with my emotions will ensure that I will only enhance my opportunities of being happy with myself as my career progresses.”

Chief Executive, engineering services provider