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Here are a selection of articles by founder Siobhan Soraghan for you to enjoy.

If not currently available online simply message us on the Contact Us page to request a copy.


Responsible Leadership:

Tomorrow’s Leadership – Beyond the abuse of power

Navigating the Political Landscape

Prudence And Green – A Timely Marriage?

Clashes, Culture, and Savvy

Leadership – acheiving the next level of excellence

Altruism and Advantage


Vision & Goals:

Developing, selling and implementing the corporate vision

Goals With Soul

Self-organising for success – are you a “skimmer” or a “diver”?


Leader Resilience:

Work endurance in the modern world

The Passion Paradox

Is Your WUCA Pukka?



Tips on how to get the most out of your coach.

Evaluating a coaching programme.

Averting triangulation between coach, coachee and sponsor.