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Quality developmental services at a personal, team and corporate level.


Management teams: Top Team Doctor

A powerful diagnostic generating deep insights about your management team, followed by focused development actions tailored to suit your priorities and budget.


Executive Coaching: RetroCoaching

Intensive one-to-one support for senior executives who

  • have a wealth of experience to leverage
  • hold high-risk responsibilities
  • are destined for or are currently transitioning to strategic leadership positions
  • have ambitious goals to achieve


Management development: Talentspace

Tailored programmes to develop the talent of your  mid-career executives to most senior level leaders.  Designed to support organisational performance, held in face-to-face or virtual space.


Change Management: Progress Catalysts

Processes to tap into your people’s savvy about what needs change and unleash the natural energy to carry it out.


Professional talks

Presentations for professional audiences on leadership and life, richly packed with colourful stories and wise tidbits to take away.  Topics include:

  • Thriving in top teams
  • Positive politics at work
  • Self-sustainability
  • Dialogue and decision-making


Day of Reflection

A one day workshop for individual executives to gain clarity on past patterns, identity and critical choices.


The Innovation Network

A peer-to-peer learning community of accomplished senior technologists from high-tech manufacturing firms across the South of the UK.



Intensive one day skills and knowledge sessions for groups of just 8 senior executives seeking to fulfill their potential at strategic level in their organisations.