Change Management

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Supporting transformation in your organisation


More and more we see brave senior leaders recognising the value of engaging larger numbers of management and staff in the visioning and strategy formulation process.  It may be hard work, but it catalyses progress like nothing else.  That’s why we all our change management services ProgressCatalysts.

Progress catalysts

When working with a management team at the outset of the visioning process, we encourage them to consider how to get the right people  involved.  Even in the formulation of strategy.  The management team is not the only source of the creative thinking that will result in the shifts required to adapt to a fast-changing world.

We support the design and facilitation of events and activities to engage the wider management population.  Involvement means change initiatives are more likely to be owned and believed in.  Decades of management research proves the positive ROI of getting people involved to be indisputable.

Sometimes we come in part-way through the implementation to assess what might unblock log-jams and free up positive movement in the system.

Ultimately we work with change leaders and champions to craft change management processes that foster a level of engagement that delivers the benefits that “progress” is meant to.