Day of Reflection

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What is a “Day of Reflection”?

A day of guided reflections for senior executives wishing to take stock of their leadership in business, and life and general.  Exercises are punctuated by gentle facilitation and participant sharing, resulting in deep personal insights about one’s life and work.  It can act as a powerful accelerant, resolving work challenges and easing major transitions.

To allow a quality experience the numbers will be restricted to 6-8.

Who is it for?

Experienced executives who seek quality personal “time out” from the corporate environment to consider their personal and professional goals for the coming year, or indeed for the next stage in their lives.  You do not have to have worked with Siobhan before, however if you haven’t she will request a conversation to ensure it is right for you.

What will be covered?

A retrospective of your last 12-18 months, where you are now, how you are evolving as a leader, long term goals and your focus for the coming year.  We will draw from Jung’s archetypes, NLP, and Transactional Analysis, among other resources.

Issues addressed have included:

  • Is this it?
  • Preparing to leave a familiar role
  • How to shine in a very different environment
  • Stepping up to a new level of leadership
  • Identifying old patterns that might benefit from change
  • Knowing myself better
  • A leadership MOT
  • Coping with an abrupt career change
  • A chance for my self-image to catch up with my experience and wisdom

What do people get from it?

Here are some of the testimonials from past delegates:

“Siobhan’s approach gently took me through some hugely beneficial exercises to remind myself of my strengths, come up with some concrete ways to improve, and also to reflect on where I’m at in my life and career. I thought the structure of the day was excellent. I really loved the fact she gave us some theory, and a lot of practical exercises for us to get into and really reflect and start to think about things.  It was very powerful when she reflected back to people presenting, it was very illuminating to see her doing that to others as well as to me.  I was amazed and found hugely valuable the notes she scribbled during the day, and thoughts for me to take away. This was brilliant.  I got a huge amount of value which I can bring into my day to day work”.

Nicki D., International Finance Director, major international charity supporting human rights

“I really enjoyed the day, my brain had been stimulated before arriving to think hard about the issues that currently face me (and my family) but your gentle listening and carefully formed questions soon took those initial thoughts to a new place entirely. Working in the peace and calm of your home was a real benefit and stimulation at the same time. The group dynamics were excellent and the supportive environment really helped me to get to the heart of my dilemmas. I hope I was able to support my fellow-delegates much as they all helped me.  I came away with not just very positive vibes from the whole day and a road-map of what I can do to help resolve my current dilemmas but I also have some longer term work on how my decision making styles have changed and what that means to me in future roles and opportunities.”

Robert W., Practice manager, GP Practice.

“Many thanks for an excellent session which really helped to get the manufacturing of my keys to unlocking my potential underway. The group size was just right and the interaction with the others and between us at times was very helpful and I hope so in return. The session has provided a focus to get make sense of my situation and to a structure to get on with making action happen. The variety of backgrounds and situations from others and of your own experience was particularly valuable in helping me to form my actions to take forward.  Thank you again.”

Michael W., Associate Director, Global infrastructure consultancy

I came for some personal reflection that would help in my future development.  The workshop schedule for the day was set at the right pace in a safe friendly environment and Siobhan was an excellent facilitator and informer.  By sharing experiences and learning, I found new ideas and options to consider and pursue with some personal understanding of my strengths that could lead to new opportunities.

Mary S., Business Manager, HE Sector

When will it be?

The event runs only several occasions a year, usually in Jan/Feb/Mar and Sep/Oct.  The next date is the 26th Jan 2017.


What are the start and finish times?

8.45am arrival for 9.15am prompt start.  Finish time ca 5.30pm.

Where will it be held?

At a comfortable country club venue near Newbury, surrounded by beautiful countryside.


Will food be provided?

Yes – there will be delicious pastries on arrival, teas, coffee and juice available throughout the day and the cost includes a tasty, healthy lunch.


How much does it cost?

  • Corporate-funded delegates: £350+vat
  • Innovation Network members: £250+vat
  • Micro business owners: £200+vat
  • Privately funded delegates: £195+vat.

Full payment secures your booking.  Payment details will be forwarded when you request a place.


I want to book, what do I do now?

You can book directly for the 26th Jan date here.


I think I want to book but am not sure – can I ask more?

Simply let us know times you are available for a conversation with Siobhan.