Executive Coaching

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Exceptional one-to-one support for ambitious leaders.


Siobhan’s unique RetroCoaching approach is a rich blend of…


…intuitively tailored to the specific needs of the leader.

Typically for senior leaders it leverages the rich learning from past experience rather than allowing it to lie fallow.

Siobhan’s “RetroCoaching” helps her clients harvest their (and other’s) past to move with confidence and ease towards their future goals.

Expect to

  • learn new tools
  • gain fresh frames of reference
  • gain deep personal awareness
  • transform approaches that may no longer support your success
  • become more grounded in the present
  • gain inspiration form the successes of others
  • accelerate your path forward, taking the best and leaving the rest.

To book a conversation to explore how Siobhan could help you or your senior leaders contact her here.


How do coaching, mentoring, tutoring  and counselling differ?

Pure coaching is relatively content free, and what would be described as “clean” from the coach’s assumptions and prescriptions.  It liberates the natural intelligence and creativity that is latent within the individual, focusing on the future, and on outcomes.  This is often where Siobhan’s support begins, helping you identify your compelling goals, and what you already have in your arsenal to get you there.

What sets Siobhan apart is the inclusion of the following:

Mentoring brings to bear validated wisdom from the riches of past experience of others, selected carefully to match the situations faced by the individual.  Siobhan has worked with a vast range of leaders (CEOs Directors, including a Permanent Secretary and a Bishop).  Many of them have been where you are heading, and Siobhan has many valuable and inspiring stories to share.

Tutoring involves the imparting of tried and tested tools, techniques and models typically used by leaders operating at the most strategic levels in organisations.  Siobhan has an unparalleled  wealth of these to share from her time in a top-ranking international business school, and her wide-ranging studies over two decades in strategy and organisational behaviour.

Counselling supports the healing of the past, fostering a depth of self-awareness, bringing a balanced, loving perspective to bear.  Old patterns of thought and belief systems are uncovered which allows new and freeing alternatives to be adopted.   Siobhan is a Master Practitioner in NLP, is licensed to use a range of useful psychometric that aid self-awareness and has studied child development, systems theory and group dynamics.


“RetroCoaching” is how Siobhan creates a powerful cocktail of all four.  It is only for those leaders with serious ambition to fulfil their potential and make the most positive contribution that they can.

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