Management Teams

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The management team makes and implements decisions that are critical to organisational success. Few top teams are aware of their own strengths and weaknesses.  But this is an opportunity: insight inspires action that yields competitive advantage.

How can Siobhan help?  Over the years Siobhan has developed a comprehensive suite of services, shown below, which includes a unique diagnostic process to give CEOs an in-depth understanding of their top team, indicating real possibilities for performance improvement, given the organisation’s circumstances and context.

Your priorities then determine options for support to fit your time frames and budget.  Email me here to arrange an exploratory conversation.

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Avail of Siobhan’s “Top Team Doctor” services to

make sure your management team is in tip-top health


TOP TEAM MOT A thorough diagnostic of your team: a defined process over a clear time frame and fixed price, with possible bolt-ons generating a report covering themes that address strands of my proprietary model.

Expert design input for your strategic review event so that it is “not just another management team meeting”.  A half day to cover: review of key organisational facts and self-assessment, plus an in-depth co-design session with the CEO and any senior team members they wish to include.  Optional add-ons: assessment of team member thinking styles; appraisal of strategic consistency across the team.



Mentoring sessions for CEOs intending to act as facilitator of their strategic reviews.  Addresses the key principles for designing and managing processes to harvest the positive fruits of conflict and accelerate decision-making in senior teams, whilst making use of personal strengths.


TOP TEAM MASTERCLASS A two hour intensive session for the whole team, addressing the difference between a team and a group, typical team evolution and inhibitors, and the critical competencies for leading together at the most senior level

Individual coaching for the organisation’s “chief executive officers” who together aspire to be more than just a collaborative group.


TOP TEAM BOOTCAMP To follow from the Top Team MOT and Masterclass: tailored support over a series of 2hr sessions dovetailing with normal team activity, to include team observation, team self-assessment, personality profiling, team facilitation on live “wicked” issues, and CXO coaching.


To explore how any of these could help your team, contact Siobhan here for a no-obligation conversation.

You can read some cases here.