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These are intensive day-long sessions for busy executives keen to have high quality input on aspects of leadership that will enhance and accelerate their contribution at strategic level in their organisation.  Topics include:

  • Strategic thinking – understanding the three tiers of strategy, mission, vision.  Useful models for strategic thinking, the process in groups, and learning about your personal strengths as a strategic thinker.
  • Story-telling for leaders – build credibility as a leader, encourage change and bring strategy to life for your teams.
  • Thriving in the top team – understand the role of the senior team, the dynamics that can play out and how to contribute constructively.
  • Marketing and Customer relationship management – seeing the business through a commercial vs technology lens
  • Leading and managing change – useful underpinning principles for understanding human systems and achieving change
  • Your leadership brand – defining your unique contribution as a leader, underpinned by psychometric data and your personal career history.
  • Positive politics at work  – understanding the positive and not-so-positive political forces at work in any human system, and learning how to navigate that landscape in your organisation.
  • Dealing with (and learning from) difficult people – everyone encounters people they can find difficult to deal with.  Such experiences can actually teach us a lot about ourselves and help us develop valuable strengths as leaders.

Contact us to let us know which topics interest you and/or your colleagues.