Professional Talks

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Our founder and director, Siobhan Soraghan, regularly delivers thought-provoking, educational and engaging talks at a professional gatherings on a national and regional level.

  • Positive politics at work
    Reading the landscape, handling oneself well, and making appropriate choices in political and complex people environments.
  • Managing oneself sustainability
    Remaining a congruent, focused, energised and adequately resourced leader in today’s 24/7 world – setting you up for maximum impact and contribution on a sustainable basis.
  • Dialogue and Decision-making in Senior Teams
    Thinking together in teams handling critical issues in a complex ambiguous world.  Essential for sound decision-making where the stakes are high
  • Story-telling & messaging for leaders
    Conveying the most appropriate messages for your “follower” audiences; bringing oneself into strategic communications; and making it real, motivating and feasible for those you lead.
  • Talent management and levels of leadership
    Appreciating the needs of leaders at each level in the organisation, the design of appropriate development programmes; identifying and nurturing key talent.

If you would like Siobhan to speak at one of your events, please get in touch.


For a list of of talks Siobhan has given in the past see here.