Talent Management

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Practice, learn, perform – a nurturing developmental space for staff to grow and enhance their contribution.


As a manager progresses through each new level in an organisation, what is required from them shifts.  However it may not be immediately obvious to the individual what that change should be.  It’s possible they will make costly errors until they are clear.

When developing tranches of your leaders within your organisational structure, or hiring new talent in, we help you think carefully about what your organisation most needs from them at that level and the next – and how you communicate it.

Some needs will be generic to the level, and some will be specific to your organisational context and some to the individual.

It helps to have an objective eye, which is where we come in.  We work closely with you where possible, because we believe that together we can create a design that will save time and effort, and pack the punch you need it to.

With Active Insight you get transformative management development programmes that give you what your business needs and become a space where your people flourish.

That’s why we call our management development services Talentspace.


The specialist material we have available to weave into your programmes can include:

  • Storytelling
  • Visioning, Strategy and Messaging
  • Navigating the political landscape
  • Leader as Coach
  • Leading oneself sustainably
  • Leading collaboratively

You may have your own internal people development resources.  Great.  We are fully supportive of setting up your internal learning and development professionals with the knowledge and tools for the successful delivery of the programmes your leaders require.  We’ll happily co-deliver and share subject-matter expertise so that you become self-sufficient.

What are your leaders’ needs? If you want creative, empathetic collaborators simply get in touch.