Past events

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The Innovation Network runs a calendar of quality events that champion innovation excellence, foster learning and facilitate serendipitous connections that would rarely happen if you don’t venture forth.  Here are some typical past events.


  • Strategic thinking for senior technologists: being rerun in October 2016, so if you missed it you have another chance to attend;


  • Keeping innovation alive as an organisation grows: engaging in open innovation; and managing disruptive innovators;


  • Opportunities and threats of “Digital”: Cyber security; and social networks that foster knowledge generation;


  • Trends in the business environment:  Cloud computing; Trade Associations’ role in protecting industry interests and working with other cultures; Government funding initiatives;


  • Challenges in leading technology innovation: The challenges of operating in capital equipment markets and improving the new product development process;


  • Key knowledge for technology innovators: New developments in IP law and Patent Box tax break legislation; Practical IP management: four case studies; the European Patent Court;


  • Essential skills for innovators: Problem-solving techniques: TRIZ and 8-D;


  • Strategic leadership capabilities: Managing strategic change; Managing culture change; Thriving in the top team;


  • Skills for business development:  Selling skills;  E-commerce and marketing for B2B Organisations; Presentation skills; Customer service; B2B branding.


We are immensely grateful our speakers who volunteer to share their stories, and to those members and participants who kindly host events.  With their help, a competitive membership subscription rate is achieved.


To book

You register separately for each event by following a link for each event on the event calendar page.

If you are a member, you have the advantage of being able to:

  • attend free
  • nominate someone to attend on your behalf
  • bring up to two guests to any event at a greatly reduced rate.

If you are a non-member you can attend any event at the non-member fee.