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Active Insight works with…

CEOs, senior managers and management teams to produce a step change in alignment, so that key decisions are owned and implemented consistently, and with conviction.

Whether it’s generating a vision, formulating a strategy or reviewing the organisation’s infrastructure, decisions made at this level are crucial to its fortunes. The stakes are high.

Our goal – to minimise the risk of misalignment, while maximising the collective wisdom of the management team – and so accelerate your organisation’s success.

The depth of our experience and blend of expertise means we can offer a uniquely rounded service, integrating resources and techniques from the fields of strategy formulation, group dynamics, and individual development.


We specifically work with:

  • The CEO, as a trusted advisor, equipping them with expert knowledge and tools to harness the collective wisdom from their management team.
  • The management team, as facilitator and educator, sharing pragmatic thinking models, processes and mindsets, honing the skills of thinking together.
  • Management team members, as coach and mentor, to enhance their individual contribution to the management team, strengthening their integration with their peers.
  • Leadership talent, as coach and tutor, developing skills in preparation for contributing at the most strategic level in the organisation.
  • Peer communities, as host and organiser, creating a confidential space for leaders and senior professionals from different organisations to have regular dialogue on the implications of disruptive innovations and to share best practice.


Active Insight

The vision behind Active Insight is to encourage sustainable innovation, quality strategic thinking, healthy group dynamics and the positive impact of leaders and their management teams.

Over 20 years, a wealth of experience and expertise has been gained through working with senior executives, directors, and CEOs across a diverse range of sectors.

Adopting a flexible approach, we work in confidence with our clients, acting with agility whether as facilitator, coach, mentor, storyteller or simply as an objective and intelligent sounding board.

Our knowledge encompasses strategy formulation, corporate cultures, organisational politics, group dynamics, personal effectiveness, innovation, and systems thinking.

Siobhan Soraghan is the architect behind Active Insight and specialises in providing top-level support to CEOs who are keen to fulfill their potential and to harness the collective wisdom of their management teams. Originally a research scientist, she brings an intellectual rigor to her work, along with a passion for innovation. Moving into a business development role she experienced growth through acquisition and developed an interest in strategy, culture, and leadership. She went on to gain an MBA distinction in Management Strategic Change at Cranfield University prior to establishing Active Insight.

Active Insight's


Chief Executive,
NHS Trust

“Working with Siobhan, one of our top team said it was like being driven in a BMW – you have been on a significant journey through tough terrain, but it’s passed remarkably effortlessly.”

Permanent Secretary

“Siobhan helped me to see where my strengths lay, accept them as strengths and develop the skill to apply them in the best possible way. As a facilitator, Siobhan manages to stimulate constructive consideration of new and difficult ideas in a group unfamiliar with constructive discussion.”

Engineering Company

“The coaching with Siobhan was my first opportunity to really consider and deal with my own psychological make-up, to make sense of why I feel how I do under certain circumstances. And how, as a Chief Executive, I should deal with those feelings. Siobhan helped me overcome my self-doubt. I now enjoy the challenge rather than dread confronting the issue. I am much better prepared emotionally to lead.”

Home Office

“This coaching has landed me with 2 or 3 nuggets – things that I have not really thought about in 24 years. In dealing with stakeholders, I am better able to step into their shoes and understand them. I am more resilient, and I come across as less ’embattled’. It was really, really helpful just to have Siobhan to talk to, and she was so supportive.”

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One brain is rarely enough in formulating robust organisational strategies.  The leader needs to harness the collective wisdom of their management team.”

Siobhan Soraghan

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