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If you are in a senior role, and you – plus your team – are committed to being your best, then we can help.

How the executive team and their leader make decisions together, is critical to the health and success of the organisation. You don’t have to leave it to chance.

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Active Insight was founded by Siobhan Soraghan in 1998 to enhance strategic thinking, group dynamics and personal impact of leaders and their teams.

Siobhan has a rare skill set and knowledge base that encompasses strategy, psychology, and systems thinking. 

Over the last 20 years she has worked with a wide range of senior executives, directors, and CEOs from diverse sectors.

Uniquely versatile, she can adapt to act as coach, facilitator, tutor, mentor, storyteller, counsellor, process designer, or simply as an objective sounding board.  And sometimes all of the above! 

There is no need to over-simplify or compartmentalise the issues that are holding you or your team back – after all life is not like that.  Few development professionals can bring to bear the multifarious lenses and tools that Siobhan does.

Working with Siobhan will generate rich insight, and fuel wise action.

Scaleability: Siobhan has a cadre of trusted and highly competent associates who can join larger projects that need e.g. a team of coaches, management trainers, or project coordination.

Siobhan is also Director of the Innovation Network.

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Management Team Support

They say the greatest unexplored area is under your hat – your brain. Similarly, Siobhan believes that the greatest untapped resource in the organisation is its brain – the management team! The “top team” is rarely a true team, and for understandable reasons. But those that do evolve into that level of group competence confer a distinct strategic advantage to their organisation.

The “top team” is rarely a true team, and for understandable reasons. But those that do evolve into that level of group competence confer a distinct strategic advantage to their organisation.

Siobhan’s knowledge and expertise in this field are unparalleled and invaluable to any CEO who wishes both to up their game significantly and to accelerate the maturation of their top team.

Support ranges from in-depth diagnostics to an ongoing programme of top team support and development. One-to-one time is allocated for the CEO throughout.

It definitely gets more lonely as one ascends the corporate ladder, and time pressures can mitigate against prioritising oneself. Yet you are an expensive resource expected to make a return on the organisation’s trust invested you.

If you are keen to make your best contribution to the organisation, Siobhan can work with you one-to-one in a time-frame and location that fits with your busy schedule. She adapts intelligently to your needs – at times a mentor, at times a coach, and other times a tutor imparting valuable models and frameworks.

In her exec coaching programmes, the agenda will be set by you.

If you have a specific focus (e.g. joining the management team or as an experienced leader seeking to take stock of one’s leadership journey) you might want to choose one of the predefined one-to-one programmes, which have a specific direction of travel and carefully tailored content.

One-to-One Leadership Support

Leadership Development Modules

You are busy but you want to be informed. You are experienced and smart – so you don’t want to be patronised.

The Active Insight Leadership Masterclasses are designed with you in mind. They are intense one-day programmes, rich in useful models and frameworks, each with a particular focus relevant to senior executives.

You can design your own development suite by choosing modules that fit your specific needs. The group size is limited to eight to ensure personal attention and the opportunity to dialogue within the group – a collection of experienced peers who can become on an ongoing resource in your personal network.

The venue is a delightful country club tucked away in beautiful and quiet surroundings, with easy access from the M4, M25 and A34.

Masterclass Suite

2017 – 2018

Dealing with Difficult People

We’ll look at common roots of conflict, and the different ways people deal with it. 

You’ll get insights into dynamics between yourself and those you find difficult, and how your default approach may be helping or hindering. 

There will be time to think through alternative strategies and some simple tips to guide you in future challenging situations.

Storytelling for leaders

Leadership is more than having a vision, or indeed generating data on markets and targets. The credibility of the leader is key, as is how much the vision inspires.

We’ll explore the power of narrative to connect with those you lead. You’ll learn how to use stories to convey clarity and confidence, and give meaningful encouragement those who will be implementing your strategic plans.

Strategic thinking for senior professionals

The three tiers of strategy will be explained, focusing in on thinking tools that particularly serve business unit strategy.

We’ll clarify the sometimes confusing language around vision, mission, goals, strategy, and tactics.

Unlike most other training on strategy, we’ll also look at the gifts that various personality types bring to the strategy formulation process, including your own.

Courageous conversations

As a senior leader dealing with a wide range of stakeholders, at some point, uncomfortable subjects need to be addressed. We look at how to conduct dialogue on delicate issues with equanimity and building the confidence to anticipate and engage promptly, averting adverse consequences.

This is an excellent complement to Dealing with Difficult People.

Building resilient teams

Healthy teams innovate naturally. However, building such teams requires creating an environment that has a healthy balance between cohesion and dissent. A strong culture can inhibit originality, but an absence of security and social connectedness can too. We’ll look at requirements for group safety and group creativity, and the important role of the leader.

The leadership “Reboot”

Important journeys benefit from status-checks and “trim-tailing” – your leadership path is no different.

Contexts change, habits develop, values shift. Goals may need review. This evening+day retreat checks in with your motivations and your strengths, and where you might focus, given possible opportunities ahead.

You’ll also gain a range of useful frameworks that add to your leadership toolkit.

The Innovation Network

The Innovation Network fields five quality events a year, rich in learning and dialogue for leaders and senior technologists. Events address disruptive innovation, major trends and best practice in managing innovation.

Members of the Network benefit from discounted rates on Active Insight’s Leadership modules. Further information and a calendar of events are to be found on the Innovation Network site.

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