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Who are the network?

Members are a select group of strategic leaders from high-tech manufacturing firms and relevant professional services, based in the South of the UK.  Many are technical innovators of global repute in their own field.  All are deeply curious about advances the leadership of innovation in other sectors, and wish to explore the potential benefits to their own organisations and to their personal capabilities.  

What is its purpose?


The Network exists to foster exploration and accelerate cross-fertilisation across sector and discipline boundaries.  

Key events are provided throughout the year where eminent guest speakers from other fields can present their latest thinking and practices alongside members who share about exciting developments in their own world.  

Attendees enjoy a rich learning environment where they have the rare opportunity to mix with respected peers and receive quality input on issues that are directly relevant to their contribution at a strategic level in their organisation, i.e.:

– advances in technologies in other fields

– trends in the wider  business environment

– strategic business leadership for technical experts

Ultimately the goal is to help members’ businesses to prosper by stimulating innovation and sharing insights on evolution within a rapidly changing world.


***The Innovation Network now has its own website – please click here.  You’ll find details on upcoming events for 17/18, and more information on what we are about.***


The events calendar

The annual calendar consists of five quality events per year.  TIn effect they are mini-conferences on topics of key interest to members.  Speakers are chosen to ensure that each event addresse the themes from a complementary angle, and both informs and inspires.

Connections between members are gently facilitated, and the opportunity is provided to digest material shared and translate learning into members’ own environment.


TIN strategic strands descriptors


Leadership Masterclasses

Network members access Active Insight’s leadership Masterclasses at an attractive preferential rate.  Topics include, e.g. Strategic Thinking for Senior Technologists.

See the range of topics covered here.